NT Nunnington Hall Leaping Hares

Emma created a special exhibition for Nunnington Hall to celebrate the 366 days of 2020, a leap year.

Visitors to the venue discovered 366 individual mixed media hares including sculptures, illustrations and paintings. Emma aimed to explore the array of materials that embody the ever-changing architecture and fabric of a historic building.

Emma says: “Nunnington Hall such a rich sense of history – generations have lived there and you can feel their presence in the furniture, the wallpaper and the textiles.

“Each hare that I made represented a day of the year 2020, and each of those days would be special for someone – a birthday, an anniversary, maybe even a proposal of marriage on the Leap Day itself!”

The 366 Hares art installation was exhibited in the Smoking Room: one hare for every day of the 2020 calendar. Each piece was individually hand- finished by Emma and dated, including a special ‘golden hare’ marking the leap day, Saturday 29 February.