The Great Yorkshire Show
Craven Heifer

Emma was thrilled to be commissioned by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society to create a powder-coated, galvanised steel portrait of the famous Craven Heifer to celebrate the 160th Great Yorkshire Show in 2018.

The ‘GYSheifer’ is touring various locations across the county throughout spring and early summer before taking up position at the Great Yorkshire Showground ready for the famous show itself (10 to 12 July).

Emma worked closely with the Great Yorkshire Show’s Chief Cattle Steward Margaret Chapman, whose family have been part of the show for more than 100 years, to ensure the authenticity of sculpture, which portrays the famous animal born in Bolton Abbey in the early 1800s. The heifer was so large that a special double-size door had to be built to get her in and out of the cowshed.

Emma says: “This has been one of my most ambitious projects to date, requiring hours of research with Margaret. We’ve pored over many paintings and different documents charting the Craven Heifer’s size. We wanted the GYSheifer to be as lifelike as possible and it’s been exciting to bring her back to life for everyone to get an idea of how big she really was.”

Photo Credits: Great Yorkshire Show / Charlotte Graham